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Babylon, Classical Improvisations

featuring Yakir Arbib - 2018

Who said Classical Music and Improvisation don’t get along?

From Bach to Brahms, from Chopin to Stravinskij, Arbib gives a new life to the classical repertoire, crossing with unpredictable brilliance the history of music from the Baroque age to the 1900s.


Sketches on the Radio

featuring Radio Intro - Yakir Arbib and Roberto Giacquinto - 2016

“A story that can be told once and for all, and never again”

Sketches on the Radio was recorded during Radio Intro’s first Canadian tour in 2016. All the music the duo played on their tour was completely improvised without prior planning.



featuring Yakir Arbib - 2009

Yakir’s debut album at age 19 with Philology Records features original compositions and standards from the jazz repertoire in three different rhythm sections.