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My name is Yakir

- 2019

Yakir’s debut for JMS featuring his own reinterpretations of the jazz standards.

This album received “Album of the Year” by Telerama in France.

Album review on Tèlèrama

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- 2018

This album has eleven completely improvised pieces based on themes by Bach, Brahms, Schubert, Chopin, Bartok and Tchikovsky.

We know that from at least as early as the Baroque era, improvisation was one of the required fondamental disciplines of musical education. Up to the end of the XIX century it was a common practice for virtuoso players to take an existing piece or theme by another composer, and improvise completely new pieces of music showcasing their individual capacities for invention, imagination, and instrumental mastery.

These historical facts are both an inspiration and an extremely valuable indicator to the nature of “classical music” in all its’ dynamic, human and creative essence.

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Sketches on the Radio

featuring Roberto Giaquinto - 2016

The music on “Sketches on the Radio” was recorded during Radio Intro’s first Canadian tour in January/February 2016.
All the music the duo played on their tour was completely improvised with out prior planning.  Their adventure took them from Nova Scotia and the Maritimes to Ontario through Quebec and the capital Ottawa.

Read the review of ‘Sketches on the Radio’ on All About Jazz.


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- 2008

Yakir’s recording debut at age 19 featuring three different trios playing a selection of standards and original compositions.

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