Welcome to the website of international award winning pianist and composer Yakir Arbib.

Born with perfect pitch and Synesthesia (a blending of the senses), Arbib possesses the ability to create entire musical compositions on the spot – without any prior preparation.

His unique trait of “seeing” musical tones as distinct colors guides him in his creative process: he visualizes a landscape of colors in his head – which he later transcribes into music notation – or when he sits down at the piano and creates a completely new piece of music on the spot.

Arbyakir arbibib gives solo piano recitals which he calls “Face to Face: Composition In the Moment” – in which he first starts by playing his original piano music, and then proceeds to ask his audiance to give him any melody or musical theme – where upon he creates a new composition in the moment – based on the melody that was given to him.

Arbib is  currently working with producer/engineer John Escobar.
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pianist and composer